10 Most Famous Women Inventors

Posted by on March 20, 2011

1. Marie Curie
She is well-known female scientist, specializing in fields such as chemistry and physics. This Scientist  is known as the inventor of radioactive polonium and radium elements and as the first person who won the Nobel prize.

2. Bette Nesmith Graham
She found the liquid paper, originally called the “Mistake out”, a substance used to cover up mistakes made on paper.

3. Mary Anderson
She found the device to clean the car windows, now known as the windscreen wipers.

4. Stephanie Kwolek
She is an inventor and scientist, mother of Kevlar synthetic fiber such as steel used in radial tires, safety helmets, and bulletproof vests.

5. Grace Murray Hopper
She broke through the majority of male dominated thing daam Programming. He is the inventor of the COBOL programming language.

6. Ruth Wakefield
She found a way to make chocolate chip cookies.

7. Lillian Moller Gilbreth
She was the queen of ergonomics. We can be grateful for the bin with foot pedal, electric food mixer, shelves in the fridge and other kitchen improvements.

8. Martha Coston
She created a pyrotechnic signal system, now known as maritime signal flares.

9. Ruth Handler
She is the inventor of the Barbie doll. This doll was meant to be a teenage fashion doll.

10. Josephine Cochran
Shee is the inventor Dishwasher, after he said: “If there are others who will create the dishwasher, I’ll do it myself”. And incredibly, she managed to create it.

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One Response to 10 Most Famous Women Inventors

  1. Susan Marie Frontczak

    I am glad to see Marie Curie at the top of your list! However you may be unaware that the image you display is not a photograph of Marie Curie. It is a photograph of me portraying Marie Curie. Please see my web site: http://www.storysmith.org/manya. I request that to use this photo, you include a caption “Marie Curie as portrayed by Susan Marie Frontczak” and that you include a live link to my website. Also, Marie Curie was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize (in 1903), but others did receive the Nobel Prize before her (in 1901 and 1902).

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