10 Most Legendary Ghost Photos !!

Posted by on April 15, 2011

These is a photo ane think is the most authentic “catch” a ghost who had been caught in the photographs,
Of course, ane aware that these photos could have been in say hoax,
but many of these photos taken many years or even decades
before digital cameras and the advent of Photoshop and photo manipulation software that others exist

Spoiler for 10 of The Queensland Photo, 1946 :

Taken in 1946 in Queensland Australia, by a mother who was taking a picture his son’s tomb. Nothing is visible when the picture was taken, but when the image was printed a picture of a child appeared, was sitting in the cemetery. But the mother did not recognize the child, causing the possibility that it was a double exposure.
Spoiler for 9 The SS Watertown Faces, 1924 :

Photos taken in 1924 shows 2 merchant ship SS Watertown crew who died of gas poisoning while cleaning the oil tank a few days Before
Spoiler for 8 The Wem Fire Apparition, 1995 :

This girl looks on during a fire at the town hall in Shropshire, England.
the firefighters could not see anything at the scene and also did not find the corpse of the girl.
Spoiler for 7 Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, 1991 :

This photo was taken by a psychic on August 10 1991. This photo was taken in illnois cemetery in the afternoon.
at the original location no one.
Spoiler for 6 The Corroboree Rock Spirit, 1959 :
This photo was taken in alice springs in 1959.
This photo had a lot of talk because of the possibilities was edited in 1959
Spoiler for 5 HMS Daedalus Photo, 1919 :

This photo was taken in the U.S. Navy ship HMS. It seems is that is one of the engineer of the ship who died a few days earlier due to machine crash.
Spoiler for 4 Toys-R-Us, 1978 :

This photograph shows the appearance of a young man who leaned against the wall.
This young man in the state died in 1869 due to an accident on his legs and was bleeding to death at that location.
Spoiler for 3 The Lord Combermere Photo, 1891 :

This photo was taken in the Combermere royal library in 1891.
The appearance on the photo of Lord Combermere says that at the time of capture medium was buried not far from there.
His followers believe that the photo is his master.
Spoiler for 2 The Chinnery Photo, 1959 :

This photo was taken at the time a son wants to visit the tomb of his mother.
but at the visible shadow of the mother who almost real
sitting in the back.
The child believes that it is their mother.
At the time of the incident the son just drive hmself and no one behind
Spoiler for 1 The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, 1936 :

Perhaps the most famous of all ghost photos and very controversial in 1936  this photos taken by photographers who are sent by the London Public lifestyle magazine to take some photos of the interior Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. What is also interesting about the image that the house was empty until after the film in print, and seen the figure of a woman down the stairs, and the negative image has been reviewed by hundreds of experts and expressed its truth (the appearance is also seen in the negative).



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