10 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

Posted by on March 23, 2011

Here’s a list of 10 hotels it:

1. La Reserve Ramatuelle, St Tropez, France
The location is on a hill above the Mediterranean sea and St Tropez megayachts.Hotel is famous among fans of the spa. Comprising 23 bedrooms, full of simplicity, light, white interior and long windows from floor to ceiling. Incoming sunlight combined with sea views like watching on stage.

2. Eagles Nest, New Zealand
Consists of 5 villas which are isolated and hidden in the green peninsula in the northern Gulf of New Zealand. Landscape Islands, blend modern design and ocean view

3. Capella Singapore, Singapore
Having 112 rooms located on Sentosa Island. Though easily reached by car via the causeway from the main island, the atmosphere is quite the metropolis. Lush grass in the yard, peacock and artful decoration. Each room has a tub outdoors terrace, perfect to see the beauty of the South China Sea.

4. Barbarigo Palazzo, Venice, Italy
Has 18 rooms which combine modern boudoir. It offers a serene view of the canal.Four voluptuous poster in the bedroom adds dramatic, smoky ceiling, and mirrors that reflect light from the water, suggesting sensual.

5. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia
Here visitors can enjoy champagne and canapés with surrounded by kangaroos.Located in South Australia is considered the equivalent of Aussie Galapagos Islands. Along the beautiful coastline of 21 companies offer a spa, bar and restaurant-laden theme of the environment is a dramatic panorama of the sea.

6. Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, Vietnam
Its location on the south coast of Vietnam. It offers 58 villas with a choice of woods, hilltops, beaches, and rocky water’s edge. Visitors can enjoy the journey from the canopied bed into a private swimming pool or down the stairs directly to the beach.Six touch one of the famous spa massage for Vietnam.

7. St James’s Hotel & Club, London
Its location in urban, very sophisticated. New accessory that is Murano glass chandelier with an impressive art and sensual material.

8. Uma Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Uma Ubud is situated on a hill in the countryside. Inland Ubud seems to have the mission to rejuvenate the visitors. Incredible views of the valley, the soothing sounds of wildlife and beautiful straw. The area is green and lush paddy fields, can be used for yoga every day. And a main pool surrounded by trees that inhabited macaques.Here is very easy to communicate with nature. There are 29 rooms have a sexy bathroom, outside the room, an open pavilion for relaxing, tranquil koi pond and river views. There, visitors can see the fog before sunrise.

9. The Standard NY, New York.
There are 337 rooms, three walls of glass from floor to ceiling so that visitors can absorb the views of the sunset from the bathroom. Ornaments contemporary bathtub which offers a sunken tub open-walled glass, suitable for dating. There is a beautiful park on the banks of the river that can be surrounded by bike cool black-owned hotel.

10. Satri House, Luang Prabang, Laos
There are 25 elegant rooms, each with Southeast Asian-style decor. Visitors can pensive day. Items of art and antiques, including gold-plated Buddha and cabinets with Chinese lacquer, add a touch of the gallery is very aristocratic. With two swimming pools, a small spa and restaurants tempt visitors to explore the beauty of Luang Prabang. There is also a rural area around the Mekong River, the Temple and monks dressed in saffron.



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