10 Weird Facts About Pregnancy

Posted by on March 24, 2011

Are you a woman who is not pregnant or people who want to understand more about the pregnant man, these 10 things that happen when a pregnant woman, most of it is so bizarre and often disturbing.
These are strange things that happen during pregnancy that may not be told by people

1. You Can Pregnant Over More Than One Year

Most of the pregnancy lasts about 9 months and doctors tended to induce labor if the pregnancy lasts too long . it is possible to conceive for one year. the world’s longest pregnancy lasts 375 days, oddly enough, the weight of the baby was just under seven pound.Ini certainly puts a new perspective to be delayed a few weeks, right?

2. Male Infant can Erect their penis


Most mothers do not like to think about the baby boy they can erect, even when they were teenagers, but the reality is that many boys experience it, even when they were still in the womb.

In fact, infants of both sexes are known to masturbate in the womb, but only a baby boy who could be seen on the results of arousal during sex while pregnant USG.

3. You Might Need All Stitch In Your Bottom

Nine of ten women have some type of vaginal tearing after childbirth, but there are many degrees

Some even can affect the muscles on the outside of your anus. But, tears that reach the anus are very rare and only affects one out of a hundred mothers.
Massaging the area before the birth of a child can reduce the torn area, but will not completely stop ripping on most people.

4. Maybe you’ll  defecate when give a birth


During labor, it is very common for a woman accidentally defecate .There are good reasons for this-muscle you use to push the baby out is the same muscles that you normally use during a bowel movement.

5. You would be right – It Shines

Telling a pregnant woman shines is the general expression, but most people assume it is because of the excitement of a woman because it would become a mother.
Apparently, the skin is shining very real experience of a pregnant woman

When you’re pregnant, the amount of blood in your body will increase by 50%. Extra blood would appear in many parts of your skin, especially cheeks.
On top of this, hormones cause the oil glands become more active, so that your appearance will be more soft and shiny. When blood flow increased digabunkan with glistening glands, the result is a light that seemed obvious.

6. Your  Smell Sense Will be More Sensitive

During pregnancy, your sense of smell has increased dramatically, as well as the sense of taste. Scientists hypothesize that this is to help pregnant women avoid foods that are toxic smell, which probably is not harmful to adults, but can be deadly to the fetus.
Like cigarettes, alcohol and coffee are all bad, especially for pregnant women, and this theory seems to be true

7. The contractions did not stop After Birth

Most women will experience a contraction for a few days after birth. Muscle cramps are the body’s way to stop excessive blood loss. And conversely, if you give birth in a hospital, you may still be under the influence of anesthesia and may not be aware of it.

8. You Do not Really Need to eat For Two People

Despite widespread rumors that say pregnant women should get all the burden in order to give birth to healthy babies, the truth is that most women would only need an additional 300 calories per day.

That’s the equivalent of about one serving of yogurt and half a bagel. Most women gain weight only about 25 pounds during their pregnancy.
Of course, if you happen to be at the buffet and had a hard time refusing the dessert, go ahead and sneak to add. No one would give a pregnant woman eating difficulty if the nature of the original hooked out

9. The size of your foot will be bigger

If you’re wondering why your legs would be so big when you only gain weight 25 pounds, it has to do with excess pressure on your legs with a rilex ligaments in your body.
As the pregnancy that occurs, your body begins to release the tight ligaments to assist the birth process. Enlargement that occurred on the soles of your feet mungin will be temporary, but if the swelling is too large may also be a permanent

10. The father probably could also feel the Pregnancy (cravings)

It’s surprisingly common for a father to start gaining weight, feeling nauseous and even feel cramps in their Stomach. It is known as sympathetic pregnancy or Couvade Syndrome, which originated from couvee french word meaning “to hatch”.


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