12 Tasty Insects that Eaten in Some Country

Posted by on March 27, 2011

in some cases people eat insects because of the need (hunger), but from the day people are getting smart to process all materials, now, among the insects to be fine cuisine, special food menu at the moment – that special moment, sometimes made of insect food is so expensive. …

The following 12 insects that are not just being a pest, but can also served as  delicious meals

1. Casu Marzu

In Sardinia, Italy, they eat sheep milk cheese type called casu Marzu known to be mixed with insect larvae. This soft cheese has fermented so long that has really started to rot, inviting the development of insect larvae that look like tiny worms penetrate the surface of the cheese. some people remove the larvae before eating cheese, but others eat it all, maggots and all

2. Tarantula Half Raw

A unique Cambodian delicacy, tarantula initially only be consumed during the outbreak but has since become the daily diet. Tarantulas come pre-baked – simply remove Fangs, warm, and enjoy. Tarantula was served medium rare – o in a state of warm directly enjoyed.

Note: According to Harold and Holli, tarantulas actually arachnids, not insects.However, we still would not eat it

3. Scorpion Lollipop

California scorpion that was not dangerous is encased in a layer of delicious candy.
According to the list, the scorpion is the primary food source in many parts of the world, so suck a lollipop scorpions should not contaminate you.

4. Termite

In Africa and parts of Indonesia, eating termites is a way to live.

Collected at the beginning of the rainy season when other protein sources scarce, termites are best eaten when baked, or fried

5.  Pregnant Cricket


In Northeast Thailand, crickets laden with eggs considered a tasty snack. Cricket was arrested and dried in nature and then cleaned, cooked, and slightly salty.You can buy a bag of ready-to-eat crickets for Pregnant Less than $ 6.00. You can buy a bag full of crickets pregnant ready to eat for less than $ 6.00.

6. Snack worms Larvets


This worm is crispy baked and come in a variety of flavors including BBQ, Cheddar Cheese and Mexican Spice

7. Giant Water Beetle

In Thailand, this beetle

processed by peeled and then eaten, either fried or baked. it was described as similar to the shells.

8. Tequila Worm Lollipop


Now you can enjoy the taste of Tequila. with sugar-free drink flavor lollipop tequila plus worms, in a pop each. How many licks it takes to get to the worms?

9. Ant Egg

Weaver ant eggs can be collected only for one month per year in Thailand, and collecting eggs is a time-consuming task and often painful. This egg was big and slippery, and they must be cooked thoroughly before eating it with salad or tortilla chips

10. Wrapped Chocolate Giant Ants


Giant Queen Leafcutter ants are bathed in decadent Belgian chocolate. Taste a little “crazy” is said to boost the immune system and give the people who eat them extra energy. (Link | Photo)

11. Witchetty maggot

This food, great white, moth or beetle larvae of wood is a food staple in the diet of Aboriginal people in Australia. Maggots are high in protein and can be eaten either raw or baked over the coals …

12. Giant Bug Spicy Flavor

Love spicy food? This is the product for you! This sauce contains a gigantic water Insects smoothed (AKA Giant Scorpions), along with a variety of Thai spices and chilli. This makes perfect pasta sauce for tortillas, gluten, and all other insects are eaten as you like for dipping

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