16 Unexpected ( Bizzare )Product Names

Posted by on July 10, 2011



Funiest Product Names
Retard Capsules

Funiest Product Names
Cock Flavoured Soup Mix


Funiest Product Names
Cat Butt Gum
 features “8 peppermint pieces of ‘Kiss My Ass’ attitude per box.”

Funiest Product Names
Pocari Sweat

King Oscar Fish Balls
King Oscar Fish Balls

Happy End Toilet Paper

Tengu Clam Jerky

“If your butt is so sore that you have to walk bowlegged like a monkey, you have Monkey Butt!” Cue the Anti Monkey Butt Powder.


Snott Gorila Hair Styling Gel ”moco de gorila ” is THE product for all the most way-out hair styles that need GORILLA STRENGTH!”

Super Macho capsules are “dietary supplements – containing -  bovine orchic – testicular – substance and Vitamin E in a base of wheat germ oil and other ingredients.” Translation? They’re bull semen pills.







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