16 World’s Largest Insect Species

Posted by on June 6, 2011


The following is a list of 16 World’s Largest Insects of each species – each different, they became champions for the body size and weight between similar species, and here comes the list along with their local

1. Titan Beetle Beetle: French Guiana and Brazil

Interesting Fact: The larvae have never been found, but is expected to feed in the wood and may require several years to reach full size before they pupate.

2. Elephant Beetle Mexico, Venezuela

Interesting Facts: Elephant beetles adult life span is approximately one to three months.

3. Long-Legged Giant Katydids: Indonesia

Interesting Fact: reliable as the largest insect in the world.

4. Goliath beetle: Ghana, Ivory Coast / Equatorial Africa, Central and Eastern

Interesting Fact: They feed primarily on tree sap and fruits.

5. Cockroach Giant diggers: Australia

Interesting Fact: They are the largest cockroach in the world.

6. Profit – Profit giant camel: desert in the Middle East

Interesting Fact: Giant Camel Spider has even been found hiding in a sleeping bag soldier.

7. Giant Walking Stick: Many areas in the world

Interesting Fact: They are the world’s longest insect.

8: Giant Weta of New Zealand

Interesting Fact: They are one of the world’s heaviest insect. They can weigh heavy sparrow.

9 Giant Isopod: From the Gulf of Mexico

Interesting Fact: They do not eat Doritos.

10. Atlas Moth: South and Southeast Asia

Interesting facts: In India, Atlas moths are cultivated for silk.

11 Tarantula Hawk: Found almost entire  World.

They are the state insect of New Mexico.
Interesting Fact: They eat tarantulas, that’s how they get their name.

12. Water Giant: Almost Worldwide

Interesting facts: In Thailand they are considered delicacies, and are often captured and collected with black lights.

13. Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing: Papua New Guinea

Interesting Fact: This is the largest butterfly in the world. The first specimen ever found was dropped by using the rifle.

14. Chinese Mantis: Worldwide

Interesting Facts: Originally from China, they were first introduced into North America around 1895 as a source of pest control.

15: Goliath. The Birds Eater , rain forest in South America

interesting fact: Women always have a partner, but sometimes it can end up eating their partners.

16. Japanese Giant Hornet: Japan

Interesting Fact: A Japanese Hornet disturbed will pursue a perceived threat to 3 miles. They kill, on average, 40 people every year. That’s more than other wild animals in Japan.



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