25 Weird Facts of Human Body

Posted by on March 10, 2011
img The human body stores a variety of mystery that is truly amazing, although sometimes seem strange or odd. At least there are 25 facts of the human body are not yet widely known and somewhat bizarre.

The human body consists of various organs and tissues that can work together, it makes a person can live well. All coordination of cells and organs to make the body perform functions that are perfect.

Here are 25 weird facts about the human body, as reported byHealthmad , Wednesday (09/03/2011), namely:

  1. In humans, approximately 3 million cells die every minute.
  2. Dust particles found in the house mostly come from dead skin of human body
  3. The brain is relatively more active at night in a single day
  4. The brain consists of 80 percent water
  5. The average person each day to lose about 60 to 100 strands of hair
  6. The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue
  7. The eyes and nose are always growing, but the eyes remain the same size from the beginning.
  8. Female egg cell is the largest cell in the body and the male sperm is the smallest cell
  9. To take one step, the human body uses about 200 muscles.
  10. There are about 1 trillion bacteria are found on each leg
  11. About 6 months before the baby is born, the teeth have started to grow but have not come to the surface of the gums.
  12. More ear wax secreted by the body when people feel scared
  13. About 36,000 gallons of blood pumped by the heart every day
  14. There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands found on a pair of human legs
  15. Every man at the time of conception (fertilization seed) spent about half an hour as a single cell
  16. To produce sound when speaking, human use about 72 muscles
  17. Women’s heart beat faster than men’s heart
  18. All bodily functions stop when you sneeze including the heart, for about one second
  19. Around 15 million blood cells every second can be destroyed
  20. Men can have erections every hour and a half during sleep
  21. There are approximately 120 million sexual intercourse taking place every day around the world
  22. There are about 31,500 words spoken by human beings every day
  23. When ate too much food, human hearing ability is reduced.
  24. Blood type O is the most common blood type in the world
  25. Man is can’t tickled his own body.


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