5 Unique Types of Ants

Posted by on June 17, 2011


Ants are insects that come from a family eusosial Formisidae, and ants are included in the order Himenoptera along with bees and wasps. Ants are divided into more than 12,000 groups, with a large number of comparisons in the tropics. Ants are known to the colonies and their nests regularly, which sometimes consist of thousands of ants per colony.


Types of ants are divided into worker ants, ant males, and the queen ant. One colony can master and use a wide area to support their activities. Colonies of ants are sometimes called superorganisme because their colonies that formed a unity.

1. Honeypot ant Myrmecocystus
Ants in dry climates should store food to survive longer than scarcity. In the deserts of North America, Myrmecocystus honeypot ants use their bodies as a vessel of the living, their bodies bloated Karen liquid reserves, and brought to the nest couples.

2. Ants Harpegnathos saltator
Ants Jumpers India, Harpegnathos saltator, is one of the first ant has a genome sequencing.

3. Ants Podomyrma
An ant Podomyrma Lycaenid caterpillars tend to approach in South Australia. These caterpillars release substances that are attractive to ants, and ants in turn provide protection from parasites. The ants are very abundant, that many other species have come to rely on them in various ways.

4. Malagasy Ants
Among the strange family mystery Malagasy ants are ants (Mystrium species), which is a rain forest-dwelling predators leaf waste.

5. Cecropia Ants
(Azteca alfaroi) guard their trees seriously against intruders. Working together, they laid siege to and paralyze their opponents by pinning the opponent until limp.



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