9 Creepiest Secret Underground Tunnels From Around the World

Posted by on July 17, 2011

Thanks to an intrepid group of urban explorers, some of the most magnificent hidden engineering triumphs that lie, hidden, beneath the streets of the world’s cities are being recorded and posted on underground websites


This shot shows a stunning parabolic arch. in the Megatron drain under Sheffield, England.  Source


This shot in a London Storm Relief Sewer, nicknamed the Labyrinth, is truly cinematic.  Source

The Japan’s Futuristic Underground Flood Tunnel looks like it would make a great level for Quake or Unreal.  Source

The Tyburn River, like many of the Thames’ tributaries that crossed central London became the course for a sewer. Although not as Grand as sewers favored by London Urban Spelunkers, such as the Westbourne, its a spooky wonderland, no less so because its name is infamous as the place where public executions were traditionally carried out.  Source


Fleet Sewer, London. Its become a classic place for urban explorers who have taken some marvelous shots such as this.  Source


Rankine Tailrace Niagara Falls. This is one of the seven overlooked wonders of the modern world. A mile from the falls themselves, sits a disused unlikely neo-classical power station that contained Tesla’s very first AC generators. Billions of gallons of water were sucked in from the nearby Niagara river and flung 10 storeys underground onto giant turbines. Huge tailrace tunnels then channeled the waste water right to the foot of the horseshoe falls.Source

Australian underground drains. Separate storm drains are common beneath Australian cities and are commonly explored by the notable urban exploration group called the Cave ClanSource

Crystal Phallus drain, Birmingham. Source

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