Hilarious Old computer ads

Posted by on July 14, 2011



Compact, mobile – the size of a car. Source


The portable with 16 hours of continuous usage on every charge. Source

$2500 15 MB Radio Shack hard drive Source

Effects so realistic they appear 3 Dimensional. Source

A years worth of files – and a less than 1Mb disk to back them up Source

Ask the man who has acquired 174 more of them. Source

Doctor by Day…Jedi Master by Night. Source


Video game module speaks any word – Just like Stephen Hawking. Source

By the year 2000 the world may catch up with Compuserve eCommerce – i.e. a screenshot of a shopping mall. Source

Finally you can afford to satisfy your lust for power – A ZX81 with 1K of RAM. Source

1985, why a Commodore 128 is better than an Apple IIc. Source

1956 Geniac Amazing Electric Brain – computes, plays games and reasons!.Source

If you work with high volumes of information you need answers fast – IBM PC AT, 16Mhz. Source

What the heck is Electronic Mail

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