How to Make Wax Statue

Posted by on May 12, 2011

Madame Tussauds is a famous wax museum in London, England, with branches in several cities in the world. Museum was first founded by the sculptor Marie Tussaud wax (1761-1850). And now has developed into a tourist destination in London. This museum has a branch in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New York City, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Washington DC

How the hell how to make wax sculptures can be like this until it really equal the original?
Until confused natural person where that statue

9.Inserting the Hair
DID YOU KNOW: Each hair individually inserted into the head! And there will be more than 10,000 heads of hair in one!

It takes up to 4 weeks to introduce a full head of hair. We always use real human hair, donated, so we can wash, cut and style hair. We can also use a variety of styling products and tools that will not work effectively on synthetic hair. No matter what type of hair celebrities have, we can find it! We can source all kinds of hair: straight, wavy or curly, and in different colors so that we can always get it 100% same as the celebrities!

Having chosen the perfect hair dryer from the artists … Head of wax is heated gently with warm lighting to make insertion easier and more thorough. Each individual hair inserted into the wax using a small device (see picture below) is made by cutting the eyes of ordinary sewing needle into a small fork.

Roots are always included in a candle that lets hair down when it naturally would.

The artists hair care to follow a unique pattern of hair growth in each of the celebrities to ensure the crown hair and parting in the right place.

We often have to mix different hair colors together, if the hair is gray or if the celebrity has highlighted or dyed roots. On occasion we have been asked to ‘be nice’ to a celebrity, and has been known to thicken thinning hair and bald areas to avoid!

Hair and shampoo, conditioned, cut and style to imitate the celebrities ‘chosen style, and if we are really lucky sometimes we get advice from celebrities’ personal stylist!

8.Making the Teeth
To create the perfect smile, it takes a lot of different information such as: tooth form, layout, color and the color of the gums. If you’re lucky, during the interview, the artist is asking celebrities to make a dental impression of their teeth to bite size. All gear used by special effects company (exactly dentures from a dentist). This denture paste using a soft wax is sticky, wax will harden over time to prevent tooth to move.

7.Cleaning the Wax
After the wax has to be shaped heads, they will be removed from the print head and then checked & cleared. Color and size do not forget to check first. It is very important to ensure that the head does not shrink or morphed in a mold. After that, the artist began work to remove the wax line connections that form when printing.They work with tools of wood, rub the fold from side to side to flatten the area.

Metal ball is used to burn the bag.
points to make room for fitting the eyeball. The same technique is used to make space for the teeth.


Head of the clay is so then will dimoulding (negative impression) using a plaster (gypsum). Once finished, the mold will be split into several parts to be easily dismantled when pouring the wax plug. This plaster mold that will be saved, so it can be used multiple times if needed. The statue made of clay who previously would not apply anymore, and will be destroyed (though this is difficult to state the

5.Pouring the Wax
Gypsum mold heads who like puzzle rearranged and bonded with the tight rope, and then soaked in warm water for soft and easily removed from the wax to be poured into it. Wax (Beeswax), which was still warm (74o C) is poured into the mold is full and hushed up to 60 minutes to harden the outer layer. The remaining wax in it removed, so used is a hollow wax head

This is a statue of Marie Tussaud wax statue who is making

4.Sculpting the Body
Making the body is a very complicated process. It takes a lot of planning and preparation before the start of the clay. First, a frame or body frame.

Frame legs are made of strong metal pole, while a flexible arm made of aluminum.Usually this process takes one week. After the frame so the new can embed the clay, and shaping. Sometimes there are requests from the celebrities to be more muscular.

3.Sculpting the Head

After compiling all the reference photos, and take a picture of the position and expression of celebrities. Sculptors began to make sculpture of his head began.Starting with a molding made of clay on the wire. Once the basic shape was seen, followed by the detail of his face with the aid of calipers.

Sculptors will carve the expression of the most interesting celebrities.

The process of making these heads to the finish to achieve a period of 5 weeks.Usually the favorite of the sculptor is a football player who was screaming, because it will look very real.

2.Casting the Hand

The hands will not be created manually with clay, but the original hand prints into the liquid celebrities like rubber (alginate), because the manual process of hands rated it difficult to match the original.

1.Measuring the Stars
The first step is the sculptor and his assistants were to gather all the information necessary to make a new wax statue, which measures the body. There are about 200 different measurements performed on the body of celebrities. This process can be done at the hotel, meeting room or the house of the celebrities, takes 1-3 hours.In addition to measuring tape, a tool most often used is Callipers.

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