Mysteries Of The Catacombs In Paris

Posted by on July 21, 2011


Today you’ll get a chance to visit an underground ossuary in Paris, France, which holds the remains of about 6 million people and fills a renovated section of caverns and tunnels that are the remains of Paris’ stone mines.

Catacombes de Paris is a huge set of corridors right in the center of Paris. Total sum of the corridors is hundreds of km. Initially its origin was related to extraction of lime under the big layer of ground. Its average depth accounts for 25 meters which is much lower than the level of drainage and subway. The catacomb scheme of the GRS system. Because of frequent slides in 1813 further development of the system was prohibited.

Map of underground working alongside Paris. The year 1777 was marked by numerous collapses in the southern part of the city leading to foundation of Stone Pit General Inspectorate. Its aim consisted in making a plan of every stone pit and taking measures on their reinforcement.

The narrow spiral stair will take you 10 meters down where a small gallery is located. Another sight is situated 25 meters deep.

The underground Paris has three separate systems. The first one is called Grand Reseau Sud (GRS) and contains an ossuary or corridors lined with bones of the dead. Due to overload of Paris cemeteries in the 18th century it was decided to disinfect remains and reinter them to the empty system. The total length of the ossarium is 800 meters.

There is a connection between some basements which belong to the houses above and the system itself.

The corridors reach different entrances and are slowly united.

The corridor leads to a basement.

The laying is not always polished.

A lime production chamber used to be located here before the start of protective works.

The door leads to an air pit connected with the subway system.

The sign has dates showing when protective works were carried out.

Abandoned branches.

A security guard who is usually on duty at night as he has another work in the afternoon.

The map denotes a region of this part location.

Some corridors can be very narrow or very low.

A sculpture museum. People engaged in lime production left tiny sculptures here.

A small copy of a palace located on one of the Bolear islands.

The elevation leads to the ossuary.

The column denotes start of the most interesting part of the system comprising famous bury from the Paris cemeteries. The sign above states: Stop! The Death Empire starts right here.

Walls are lined with bones and skulls.

The Parisian call the place ‘ends of cuts’

It’s strange that a usual well can be located in such a place.

The remains are taken from the St. Loran cemetery in 1804.

The door leads to the air pit which is connected to the subway.

Leaving the ossuary. The corridor ends with the stairs that leads to the surface.

The door leads to the air pit which is connected to the subway.


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