Mystery of Ancient Super Computer

Posted by on June 12, 2011

Prototype models which attempt made by Prof.. Mike Edmunds of the University of Cardiff

Computerized Technology in Ancient Times. Do not imagine like a supercomputer that is composed of hundreds of interconnected processor machine but ancient supercomputer here describe a tool that works extremely complex in its time, far from the scientists estimate.

Long before calculators and analog computer was developed, European sailors had known calculating device that has a very complex way of working. The instrument is expected to be made about two centuries BC, it seems used to calculate astronomical information accurately.

Although it has been discovered since 1902, the function of a device called Antikythera Machine (Antikythera Mechanism) is still a mystery. When discovered from an ancient Roman ship that sank in the island of Antikythera, Greece, archaeologist Valerios Stains saw-toothed wheels among other bits of artifacts.
Once collected, there are 82 fragments which contain 30 toothed wheels made of hand-made bronze. Fractions which contain the largest toothed wheel 27.

The researchers believe this tool is still intact when placed in a wooden box with two doors and are equipped to use it. To obtain the results of the calculation of the wearer may have to rotate the crank.
“Mechanism of action of this tool is much more complex than calculating tool developed at least 1000 years later,” the researchers wrote in the latest issue of Nature. Yet the origins and purpose of the appliance maker was unknown until now.


Although the detailed shape is not clearly visible, the researchers combined from Britain, Greece, and the U.S. can reconstruct the model using X-ray tomography.Scan results show that there are numbers, the pictures of the zodiac, and the Egyptian calendar that depicted in the middle of the main structure. At the rear, there is information that seems to describe the cycles of the moon and eclipse patterns.

Apparently, the author also has designed for this tool can accurately model the field of sky. For example, the Moon at certain moments move faster because the rotation of the ellipse so that the toothed wheels made with different sizes to arrange it.

Researchers are also able to translate more text explaining the mechanism of the appliance up to twice the previously achieved results. Combination of numbers and writings show that this tool may also be used to calculate the movements of the planets.

Therefore, it is mentioned also said Venus and stationary which tend to explain peradaran planet. Some suspect Antikythera Machine only shows Venus and Mercury, but researchers believe sebagain also used to mark the movement of other planets.

“If you look at it, you definitely chin and thinking, crazy! Really smart. It’s a brilliant technical design,” said Professor Mike Edmunds, professor of astrophysics at the University of Cardiff.

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