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Top 10 Books for Guys

This list is intended to give guys a good guide for improving their libraries. While it does include two fictional works, most are non-fiction. The books here cover many of the various topics that fascinate men, nevertheless, all of these books would be enjoyed by the majority of women on this site as well. If … Continue reading »

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Top 10 Books that Changed the World

This topic is a very subjective one, and I realise that there will be many disagreements with my selected 10 books. Feel free to add any additional books with a reason, to the comments field. You may even want to contribute a much larger list for future inclusion on the site. Tweet

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Most Weird Book Ever Made : Le Livre Sans Titre

Le Livre Sans Titre (The Book without a Title) is dated 1830 and it illustrates how dangerous masturbation can be. Weird. Tweet

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