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Is that porn? II – Another 9 Inappropriate Statues

We Don’t Know Much About Art, But.. Is that porn? or it’s just our imagination It is difficult to believe that there are so many hilarious things around us.   Tweet

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Chastity Bono’s Transformation

n amazing public transformation of the daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono. Tweet

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Top 10 Bizarre Fetishes

WARNING: The contents of this article may be disturbing to some people and contains NSFW images. A fetish is generally an attraction to non-living objects to enhance sexual experiences. Fetishism can become a crippling aspect to a person’s life, and often requires psychological treatment. This is a list of the 10 most bizarre (and revolting) … Continue reading »

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Sexy and Topless Summer Pleasure in Ibiza !


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The Biggest Gay Pride Parade

One of the best and biggest gay pride parades was held yesterday in Amsterdam. This year almost 500 000 people took part in it. Traditionally Amsterdam parade is a big carnival that covers all the city. Loud music, bright participants, a lot of tourists. For 4 hours more than 80 boats sail along the canals. … Continue reading »

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Erotic G Spot Museum Has Opened In Moscow (18+)


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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheating

Do men cheat more often than women? Should you confess if you’ve had an affair? Is cheating always about sex? Read on for the top 12 infidelity myths and the truth — or lack thereof — behind them. Cheating doesn’t count if no one finds out about it Tweet

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10 Sex Festivals Around The World

Let’s be honest: Every bachelor hopes to get lucky on a vacation trip. The lure of exotic women clad in minimal clothing and carrying even fewer hang-ups is a prime aphrodisiac. So eliminate the middleman, skip the cheesy resort group outings and go directly to where sex and nudity blare in your face — these … Continue reading »

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Slutwalk 2011 In London ( UNIQUE !! )

Today we offer you to compare Slutwalk in London and Slutwalk in Toronto we have already written about. On Saturday, June, 11, in London, like in some other cities of the world, there was held a so-called “Slutwalk”. Women of all ages and appearance, and not only women in fact, protested against imprudent statements of politicians … Continue reading »

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World Naked Bike Ride In Toronto


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5 False Myths About Gay


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How Snakes Making Love


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Pamela David, Sexiest TV Reporter in the World


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Take a Peek ! Sex Tool Machine Store in Japan !


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Signs of Guy Who Likes Cheating


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